Hot or Cold?

The church In Laodicean: Revelation 3:14-22
This church is saying to themselves our spiritual temperature is white hot. This would’ve been fine if they have been using the same measuring scale as Jesus was, but they weren’t.
So Jesus tells them ‘you are measuring your love for me and your devotion for me by using the wrong scale – the wrong thermometer’.
He tells them ‘You are neither hot nor cold, you are lukewarm, and I want to vomit’.

Be Faithful

Faithful Philadelphia: Revelation 3:7-13
It is not the size or strength of a Church that determines it’s ministry, but faith in the call and the command of the Lord Jesus.
If Jesus opens the doors, we must go through it – if he shut the doors, we must wait.
But, above all, we must be faithful to him.

Wake Up!

Sardis – Revelation 3v1-6
The warning: is to examine your life to make sure that you are not slowing dying, fan the flames of your love for Jesus.
The encouragement: is that no church or person is beyond hope as long as there our repent hearts.

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