Fervent Prayer | Freedom Church Chester

Fervent Prayer

Keith Cooper continues to speak on Prayer and Revival
Elijah prayed: He prayed earnestly: the literal Greek reads ‘and he prayed in his prayer’.
This is more than just lazy religious words…
His hearts must be engaged, His emotions were involved as He connect with the spirit and will of God.
There should be an equal, determination and concerned in the way you pray that comes from the heart.

Persistent Prayer

Keith Cooper continues the series on Prayer…
God wants you to ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking knock and keep on knocking. You are to go beyond any restraint you may have, you are to be shameless in your persistence in asking in prayer. You must cling to God in your prayers and not give up until you see the results,


Keith Speaking on the important of the word of God and the Holy Spirit in Prayer…
The word and the spirit are inseparable and it is the combination of Prayer and Bible Reading that brings us right into the presence of God.

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