Enduring to the end | Freedom Church Chester

Enduring to the end

Keith preaching from James 5:7-12: PART 12
A genuine believer excepts God’s timing and God’s grace to cope, even in suffering.
They committed their heart to faithfully serving God without grumbling.
They set their soul towards Christ day by day.

Money Talks

Paul Jackson preaching…  Part 11 – James 5:1-6
The Test of Wealth…
A genuine believer is someone who is a cheerful giver. They are fair and just in business and generous with their money. They do not spend extravagantly but genuinely care for others, giving of what God has given to them.


Dave Brown speaking on Sunday evening 12th March.
Human history is littered with people searching for the answer to this short but massive question.
When you fix your heart on Christ and submit your identity to God you are:
Adopted into sonship
A child of God
You will be like Christ
In his wonderful light
A royal Priest
Part of a Holy Nation
Part of a chosen people
A Temple
A new creation
No longer your own you have significance beyond yourself.

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