Midweek Groups


Wednesdays @7:30pm

City Centre Group Leaders: Dave & Laura Brown
Wales Group Leaders: Andy Lawrie & Les Wright
Ellesmere Port Group Leaders: Dave Scotland & Howard Wilcox

Worship Group: Thursday @ 7:30pm
Leaders: Rob & Sharon Pomeroy

Sundays – Youth/Students/Young People

Sundays after Service – Student Lunch
Leaders:  Dave & Laura Brown and Andy & Hannah Lawrie

Join Roy, Liam and Rachel for an afternoon of Art starting at 12.30pm every other Thursday. This group is for anyone with an interest in painting, creativity and Bible journaling. Roy is continuing lessons in how to use the medium of acrylics in painting. These bi-weekly workshops are held downstairs in the dining room (left side of the building) at the city mission.


PRAYER: Every Sunday at 9.45-10.15am
Before the service (Main Church)

PRAYER: Sunday at 7pm (Bi-weekly)
Join us for the bi-weekly evening prayer meeting (Main Church). Check dates on Events Page

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