Dedication & baptisms

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Keith Cooper

Psalm 112

Dedication & baptisms

One of the greatest promises in the Bible is that those who follow Jesus Christ will have eternal life. God’s way and his provision is the only way.

In today’s meeting, parents commit their baby daughter to the lifelong journey of learning about God. Meanwhile, two members of the same family take the step of obedience to Jesus, by undergoing baptism by full immersion.

The Truth of the Gospel Preserved

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Emma Beddoes

Galatians 2:1-10

The Truth of the Gospel Preserved

The Jews were expecting the Messiah, but they had fixed ideas about what he should be like. This led them to add ideas and rules to the gospel.

But there are no add-ons. We don’t believe a ‘gospel plus’. We receive the revelation from God, we recognise it as truth, and we respond to it in submission. We don’t need to ‘get ourselves ready’ before we can become Christians. The important issue is to know and love God and to cling to and preserve the true, unadulterated gospel.

Theology That Sings Foundations starting October in Chester

Theology That Sings at Freedom Church Chester Banner

Theology That Sings:


Starting Sunday 7th October 16:30-18:30 bi-weekly


At Freedom Church, Chester


Led by Nathan Paylor and Fiona Graham


This course covers twenty-five sessions of Christ-centred teaching, structured around the historic Nicene Creed.

Session [1] – “We Believe”

What is theology?

Session [2-4] – “In One God”

Who is God?     What is his nature?    What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

Session [5-6] – “Maker of Heaven & Earth”

Why did God create anything?    What about animals?    What about angels?    How are we made in God’s image?

Session [7] – “In One Lord, Jesus Christ”

Who was Jesus of Nazareth?     How might we better understand his context and ministry?

Session [8-9] – “Eternally Begotten of the Father”

What is the doctrine of the Incarnation?    How did heresies develop in the early Church?

More information:

Theology That Sings Website

A Christ Central church, part of Newfrontiers