Messiah foretold

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Rob Pomeroy

Micah 5/Psalm 22

Messiah foretold

Scripture is saturated with prophecies predicting the appearance of a Messiah. And yet when Christ arrived on earth, few recognised him for the Saviour he was, despite the fact that he fulfilled all these prophecies!

Today’s sermons considers a small selection of these prophecies and demonstrates how we have every reason to come and adore him.

Love’s Appeal

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Keith Cooper

Galatians 4:12-20

Love’s Appeal

It is possible that Paul had caught malaria and was travelling with the illness. This could account for why Paul looked so unwell, which could also have affected the appearance and function of his eyes. Whatever the case, there would have been some reason for people of his culture to shun him, given their fear of visible illnesses and deformities. And yet the Galatians received Paul with love, refusing to judge him by his appearance.

God uses the most unlikely people, often when they feel most inadequate. Then he is most glorified. So how we feel does not excuse us from using the gifts he has given us.

God led Paul to Galatia because of his sickness. Because of his illness, the Galatians heard the gospel. So although this was not Paul’s plan, although we would not say that the illness was from God, God was very much able to use this situation.

Paul now warns the Galatians to return to their original position of pure love. To set aside the deception that has come upon them. To let God use them for his purposes as God has used Paul.

The Way of the Kingdom of God

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Graham Webb

Mark 3

The Way of the Kingdom of God

Jesus was accused of being mad (Mark 3:21). Christians are often accused of this too. But our faith experience is not crazy; it’s a sane reaction to what we know of God’s character and faithfulness.

They said that Jesus was bad (verse 22). But there was no foundation for this charge. He only did good.

No: Jesus was God (see Mark 4:41). He was not mad & not bad; he was God and he is worthy of our praise.

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