Acts 14:21-28

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Acts 14:21-28

Matt Banks

Heading into Advent

We approach scripture through the lens of Christ. Christ is all and in all. With this lens, today we look at the incarnation afresh. The incarnation is about the coming, the suffering, the resurrection and the coming again of Christ.

Three small details are worthy of notice in this passage:

  1. Paul and Barnabas retraced their steps. Even though they had suffered hardship there, they went back.
  2. They returned to strengthen the believers. They chose to risk suffering for the sake of the new believers.
  3. The message they brought was a reminder that the disciples must suffer hardships in order to enter God’s kingdom.

We, who are called, will suffer. We come to Christ to die. And then we live through him. Here’s the joy: whoever loses their life, for the sake of Christ, will find it.

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