Acts 14:8-20

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Acts 14:8-20

Keith Cooper

Same Story, Different Reaction

The key word in the story of a crippled man, healed by Paul, is ‘faith’. This is not a difficult concept once we believe in a big God and a small Satan. This powerful God sent Jesus to save us. In the gospels Jesus repeatedly indicates that faith is involved in the process of healing and salvation.

Healing is not primarily about the person who has faith though; it is about the God who heals. God in his divine wisdom allows some sickness and infirmity to endure. But in other cases it is his delight to heal, as in this encounter seen in Acts.

Paul and Barnabas knew full well that God operates at all times for our good and for his glory. They were troubled when people thought that they themselves were gods – that they were the ones with the healing power. So they were at pains to redirect all adulation and worship to the one true God.

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