Acts 18:18-23

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Acts 18:18-23

Emma Beddoes

Travelling around

Paul spent a long time in Corinth. While he was there, Gallio, the representative of the Emperor in the region, gave a political-legal judgment in favour of Paul. This decision had wide-reaching consequences for the spread of the gospel.

In today’s passage, we see Paul had his hair cut, which possibly marked the end of a Nazarite vow (which would focus on abstinence and cleanliness). That in turn may have been a response to the uncleanliness and immorality he found in Corinth. Next they travelled to Ephesus and Paul left his travelling companions there.

When asked to stay longer in Ephesus, Paul indicated that he would return, if God willed it. He was fully submitted to the direction of God and would not pursue his own agenda. We do well to emulate this example; wait on God, hear his voice, follow his direction, surrender your plans.

The whole service may be viewed on YouTube.

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