Acts 20:7-16

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Acts 20:7-16

Keith Cooper

Sleepy head

Why does Luke choose to include in Acts the story of Eutychus? In a warm room, after hearing Paul speak for a long time, Euthychus became sleepy – and fell out of a third storey window, to his death.

Though this was a shocking event, the apostle Paul, unperturbed, prays over the body of Eutychus, who returns to life, completely unharmed. They then carry on with the meeting!

We gain here a glimpse of the early church – meeting on a Sunday, sharing communion, listening to Paul share for hours! And against the background of persecution, a shocking incident and an incredible miracle, the church gladly remembers Jesus together.

Luke includes this story to demonstrate the power of God and to give a revelation of the reality of our living Saviour.

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