Acts 21:18-22:29

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Acts 21:18-22:29

Khumbulani Sibanda

Avoiding Misunderstanding

In this passage, we see the apostle Paul submitting to a holiness tradition – the Narazite vow. It is clear that Paul knew his position in Christ. Therefore this cleansing ritual was not to bring Paul into a right relationship with God; it was to preserve and support his relationship with others. Paul would go to all possible lengths to ensure that no barrier came between the gospel and those hearing his message.

Even though Paul was arrested, he still found a way to share his testimony. In this, he obeyed Jesus’s commission – to spread the Good News to every nation. Paul’s journey was not easy – our journeys are often not easy – but he put his trust in the Lord, and so must we.

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