Acts 4:23-37

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Acts 4:23-37

Keith Cooper

One Heart and Soul

The disciples’ knee-jerk reaction to persecution was to raise their voices in praise to God. They recognised that God was fully in control and that his authority was delegated to them, to preach his hand and spread the gospel.

Exercising our authority in Christ

  1. The Word of God is warfare
  2. Authority is found in the name of Jesus
  3. Remind Satan the blood of Jesus Christ defeated him
  4. Stand in the power of the Holy Spirit
  5. Live together in God-given spiritual unity
  6. The word of our testimony is potent truth

The foundational nature of prayer

  • Prayer means getting God’s will done on earth, not man’s will done in heaven.
  • Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; ask for powers equal to your tasks.
  • Pray ambitious prayers.
  • Pray in unity.
  • Pray in an attitude of surrender and in readiness to be changed.

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