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Big Church Day Out 2018


Capesthorne Hall 2nd-3rd June 2018

We’re going to the Big Church Day Out and we’d love you to come with us at Capesthorne Hall on 2nd & 3rd June with thousands of Christians from all over the country.
Those of you who joined us last year will already be aware that with a huge line up of bands, worship artists, resources, fun-fair, kids activities and tent, food and coffee-shop meeting places its an all-round festival for all the family.
Some of us will be camping from Thursday evening until Sunday morning (for the bargain price of £22.50 per person) giving us access to the after hours entertainment (comedy, music and campfire), and more time socialising together. Others will be travelling up for one or both days on day tickets and sleeping in the comfort of their own beds at night! The choice is yours.


Follow the unique group plus link below. You will then be taken to your Group homepage where you can order your tickets. You will then need to create an account or login to your existing account with us. Your card will be charged a £10 deposit on the booking day, and the balance at midnight on the day of the Group Registration Deadline.


The cheapest way to go to the Big Church Day Out is in a group; the price will keep dropping as our Group grows! Your payment will be taken when our Group closes and we have the lowest price for our Group.


For more info please see the BCDO North website ( where there are pages on line-up, event details, getting there, pricing.
For any further information speak to Lizzy B on Sunday.


This is your unique group plus link:
Please click this link to join our group and purchase your tickets to the Big Church Day Out.
We hope you will be able to join us!


New preaching series:

Starting on 8th April 2018

  1. Genesis 1:1-2: The Beginning
  2. Genesis 1:3-13: From Chaos to Form
  3. Genesis 1:14-25: From form to Filling
  4. Genesis 1:26-31: God’s image
  5. Genesis 2:1-3: True rest
  6. Genesis 2:4-14: How humans flourish
  7. Genesis 2:15-17: Good and Evil
  8. Genesis 2:18-25: Perfect Match
  9. Genesis 3:1-5: Enter the snake…
  10. Genesis 3:6-7: The Fall
  11. Genesis 3:8-13: The Blame Game
  12. Genesis 3:14-15: The Curse
  13. Genesis 3:16-19: The Pain
  14. Genesis 3:20-24: Banished
  15. Genesis 4:1-7: Cain and Abel
  16. Genesis 4:8-16: Crouching Sin
  17. Genesis 4:17-26: Great Advances