Baptisms at Freedom

Baptisms at Freedom Church Chester are a family affair – with everyone drawing together to celebrate the commitments being made by our friends who are getting baptised – then we have a big lunch together to celebrate.

Here are some of the photo’s from our Baptism service at the start of November:

Testimony Poem

All alone panic will rise
Darkness blinding light
The cave is deep
And does not end
I am left
Trapped and scared

Darkness over welling me
He comes and I tried to fight
Yet I give in
His light shines
A shimmer of hope
For the first time.
His love is good
He set me free
And loves me for me
Its who I am
A child of God
And no one can take that away

So I am here today for him
To show how much he means to me
He has died
And now is risen
I have been forgiven
So, I praise you

The future is uncertain
yet I know
You will be with me
And I will be with you
Forever you will rain
And I will pray to you
With all my heart
As I say

It was amazing to celebrate not just one baptism – but two with both Mum and daughter! 🙂

–> listen to the testimonies <–

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