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Theology That Sings Foundations starting October in Chester

Theology That Sings at Freedom Church Chester Banner

Theology That Sings:


Starting Sunday 7th October 16:30-18:30 bi-weekly


At Freedom Church, Chester


Led by Nathan Paylor and Fiona Graham


This course covers twenty-five sessions of Christ-centred teaching, structured around the historic Nicene Creed.

Session [1] – “We Believe”

What is theology?

Session [2-4] – “In One God”

Who is God?     What is his nature?    What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

Session [5-6] – “Maker of Heaven & Earth”

Why did God create anything?    What about animals?    What about angels?    How are we made in God’s image?

Session [7] – “In One Lord, Jesus Christ”

Who was Jesus of Nazareth?     How might we better understand his context and ministry?

Session [8-9] – “Eternally Begotten of the Father”

What is the doctrine of the Incarnation?    How did heresies develop in the early Church?

More information:

Theology That Sings Website


New preaching series:

Starting on 8th April 2018

  1. Genesis 1:1-2: The Beginning
  2. Genesis 1:3-13: From Chaos to Form
  3. Genesis 1:14-25: From form to Filling
  4. Genesis 1:26-31: God’s image
  5. Genesis 2:1-3: True rest
  6. Genesis 2:4-14: How humans flourish
  7. Genesis 2:15-17: Good and Evil
  8. Genesis 2:18-25: Perfect Match
  9. Genesis 3:1-5: Enter the snake…
  10. Genesis 3:6-7: The Fall
  11. Genesis 3:8-13: The Blame Game
  12. Genesis 3:14-15: The Curse
  13. Genesis 3:16-19: The Pain
  14. Genesis 3:20-24: Banished
  15. Genesis 4:1-7: Cain and Abel
  16. Genesis 4:8-16: Crouching Sin
  17. Genesis 4:17-26: Great Advances