Ephesians – The Highlights So Far

If you’re new to Freedom Church Chester and have missed the previous teaching we’ve had on the book of Ephesians, Matthew Price gave us a fantastic overview on Sunday of where we’ve been up to until now . . .

The book of Ephesians

We’ve seen how:

  • An awesome God has chosen us
  • We have been adopted as sons and daughters of God
  • We are redeemed through His blood
  • All things will come together in heaven and earth under Him
  • The same Spirit that rose Jesus from death is at work in us
  • God has set Jesus up to reign over everything: all authorities, power, dominion and titles, in all ages.

We are reminded that before receiving Christ, we were dead in our transgressions and that we “followed the ways of the world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, and the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient,” i.e. the devil. (Eph. 2:2)

Because of what Jesus has done, we are brought near to God through the blood of Christ and we have access to the Father through the Spirit. We are also being built into a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit.

Paul then tells us about the new life we lead in the Spirit:

  • That we receive power and strength and love
  • That it promotes unity within the body of Christ
  • That the Spirit brings out in us qualities such as humility, peace, gentleness, compassion and forgiveness
  • That the same Spirit gives gifts and leads us in spiritual growth, so that we mature
  • That we become more like one body, growing together and building itself up in love

Paul lists a few things that we will stop doing as we grow in sensitivity to the Spirit, such as coarse joking, bitterness, brawling, obscenity, sensuality and lusts. We have taken off our old self and put on a new self which reflects God’s holiness and righteousness.

Paul then shows how this reflects down into our relationships – how husbands and wives are to act together to reflect Christ’s love and relationship with the church, as well as how we are to operate in our families and work environments.

Next time, we’ll have a look at the summary of Matthew’s teaching on Ephesians 6:10-13.

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