Meet the King: Mark 2:1-12

Meet the KingAt the end of chapter 1 Mark told us about the signs and wonders that Jesus did, but constantly emphasizing that it preaching that remains Jesus priority.

He is calling people to repentance – to a radical change of direction. The truth of the gospel needs to be proclaimed. But I hope you noticed that Jesus would not let just anyone proclaim it. Demon were told to be stay quiet – they certainly were not credible witness nor would they be accurate in the presenting of the gospel. They were under the ‘Father of all lies – Satan.’

Neither does he want those who are healed to go around telling everyone that Jesus was some kind of miracle healer. He didn’t want people just to look for him for short term physical healing because their greater need was for long term Spiritual healing.

But Jesus does care about every aspect of people life, so we have seen him heal both minor ailments like Simon’s mother-in-laws flu, and more serious complains. As we get into chapter 2 we see he heals the paralyses man. This healing is the first of 5 stories which share a common element – controversy! Jesus and His disciples our challenging the religious leaders, who are offended by Jesus actions. But Mark wants us to see that in Jesus, something radically new has begun.



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