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Meet the King – 38. Jesus and the Little Children – Mark 12:13-17 MP3

Meet the King – 37. The Authority of Jesus is Questioned – Mark 11:27-12:12MP3

Meet the King – 36. Jesus Cleanses the Temple – Mark 11:12-26 MP3

Meet the King – 35. The Triumplah Entry – Mark 11:1-11 MP3

Meet the King – 34. Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar – Mark 10:35-52 MP3

Meet the King – 33. Position – Mark 10:32-45 MP3

Meet the King – 32. Jesus and the Little Children – Mark 10:13-16 MP3

Meet the King – 31. True Greatness – Mark 9:30-50 MP3

Meet the King – 29. The Transfiguration and the Demon-Possessed Boy – Mark 9:2-29 MP3

Meet the King – 28. Who is this man? – Mark 8:34-9:12 MP3

Meet the King – 27. Jesus Predicts His Death – Mark 8:31-9:1 MP3

Meet the King – 26. The Healing of a Blind Man – Mark 8:22-30 MP3

Meet the King – 25. The School of the Refuel – Mark 7:34-8:21 MP3

Meet the King – 24. A Deaf and Mute Man is Healed – Mark 7:31-37  MP3

Meet the King – 23. The Syrophoenician Woman – Mark 7:24-30 MP3

Meet the King – 21. Jesus Walks on Water – Mark 6:45-56 MP3

Meet the King – 20. The Feeding of the Five Thousand – Mark 6:30-44 MP3

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Mark 9:14-29

Meet the King from Mark 9:14-29.

So far the disciples have seen flashes of Jesus power in his teaching, healing and miracles. But day-to-day is also full of the very ordinary, they walked and eat and talk with what appeared to be an ordinary man.

Then at the beginning of chapter 9, Peter, James and John get a glimpse of all Jesus power and glory and they are terrified. Moses and Elijah appear and the implication is clear – Jesus is not doing a new thing, He is the fulfillment of all that the Jewish religion and history were pointing to. And then, as if more proof was needed – God the father speaks: He proclaims His love and approval of all that Jesus has done, will do and is, and God calls the disciples to listen to Him…

Peter, James and John have had an incredible experience and they don’t want to leave the mountain top…
But as they walk down the mountain the words of Jesus reinforced that the Christian faith is not just about great experiences, it is like a roller coaster ride.

Every mountain has a valley in between, and every valley has a mountain. That is what we should expect as a Christian. If we are in a valley at the moment there is a mountain ahead, there are better days to come… However, if you are on a mountain top, be ready, you are going to need God’s help through the valley. We must be so careful, that we don’t live for experience alone; if we do the valleys will cripple our faith.

Mark 8:31-38 – The Cost






Mark 8:31-38

Last week, we heard that Jesus asked the question ‘who am I?’

Peter reply was ‘You are the christ’ – but he didn’t really understand what he was saying!

The truth is the road to the cross was the hard path that the Lord Jesus would walk from this point through to the bitter, triumphant end.

The rest of the gospel of Mark will lead us there, and we will glimpse time and again the determined will of the Lord Jesus to do His Father’s will and walk the road to suffering and death. Nothing will distract Him from it! Jesus knows that this is the only way to bring rescue, life and wholeness to the lost mankind that He loves so much.

Jesus calls us to follow Him!

He demands everything – Our whole life given over to Jesus., holding nothing back,

Warren W. Wiersbe in ‘A Time To Be Renewed’ explains it so well: “To deny self does not mean to deny things. It means to give yourself wholly to Christ and share in His shame and death. To take up a cross does not mean to carry burdens or have problems. I once met a lady who told me her asthma was the cross she had to bear! What rubbish. To take up the cross means to identify with Christ in His rejection, shame, suffering, and death”

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