Acts 11:19-30

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Acts 11:19-30

Rob Pomeroy

Worthy of our Trust

God knows we are frail. In this passage, we see real people in real danger, responding to their situations with a mixture of fear and faith. We need not be discouraged though, when we face all kinds of trials and challenges. When we live to please God, we can live dailing in his presence, pursuing eternal treasure, trusting him through all circumstances.

We see too that God is unstoppable. The gospel will always advance. And in this advance, God reveals his glory and his plans are worked out. God is so far beyond and above us; can does not need us. And yet he chooses us, to be part of his plans and to receive a glorious eternal heritage – as have those early Christians who testified boldly about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Acts 11:1-18

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Acts 11:1-18

Emma Beddoes

Turning Points

The Apostle Peter presents to the church his vision from God, where God transforms the ceremonial Israelite laws. This reinforced the message already brought by Christ: Jesus told his listeners that uncleanness was from within, from evil hearts, not from eating particular foods. By the same token, salvation was not exclusively for the Jews, as they had supposed, but also for the Gentiles.

Acts 10:44-48

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Acts 10:44-48

Keith Cooper

God’s confirmation

1. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. You cannot be saved without him. But God pours out his Spirit willingly to all who come to him.

In this filling we experience the love of Christ. He fills us with his joy. And we receive gifts.

2. God works according to his own sovereign will. He will fulfil his purposes in his way at his time. He does not have favourites and he cannot be contained.

3. God is still looking for Spirit-filled men and women of faith and action. People who live in complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, those who humble themselves before God. People who are hungry for him. We will never reach the end of God’s resources!

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