Acts 20:7-16

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Acts 20:7-16

Keith Cooper

Sleepy head

Why does Luke choose to include in Acts the story of Eutychus? In a warm room, after hearing Paul speak for a long time, Euthychus became sleepy – and fell out of a third storey window, to his death.

Though this was a shocking event, the apostle Paul, unperturbed, prays over the body of Eutychus, who returns to life, completely unharmed. They then carry on with the meeting!

We gain here a glimpse of the early church – meeting on a Sunday, sharing communion, listening to Paul share for hours! And against the background of persecution, a shocking incident and an incredible miracle, the church gladly remembers Jesus together.

Luke includes this story to demonstrate the power of God and to give a revelation of the reality of our living Saviour.

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Acts 20:1-6

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Acts 20:1-6

Khumbulani Sibanda

Mission bearing fruit

Here we see Paul after the riot in Ephesus, preparing to depart for Macedonia. Luke stresses the point that Paul encouraged the believers before leaving. Similarly as he continued on his journey, he brought encouragement to those who followed Christ.

Our enemy Satan seeks to deceive and discourage us. He questions what God has told us, bringing doubt and fear. The encouragement from our brothers and sisters is one of the gifts of God that keeps us walking on his path.

Acts 19:21-41

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Acts 19:21-41

Rob Pomeroy

Riots and Reasons

In today’s passage, we see a riot that occurs in Ephesus, centring around the perceived threat of Christianity to the livelihood of some craftsmen – to the prestige of the city:

  • Christianity is not a threat to the state.
  • We don’t normally attack the world’s sin; we present the truth.
  • Do not cling to worldly things.
  • But also don’t be afraid of the world, or fear its people.
  • Be a true friend to sinners.
  • Respect, appreciate and pray for the authorities.

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