Our Father

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Our Father

Graham Webb

Jesus’ example was to focus on the Father. We can do no better than to follow his example.

  • Our Father is always working
  • Our Father always longs for his children
  • Our Father sees and rewards
  • Keep trusting your Father

Acts 15:36-41

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Acts 15:36-41

Dave Scotland

Unfortunate Division

Paul and Barnabas were set aside together into a divinely appointed, godly, spiritually successful partnership. And yet here we see them in intense conflict with each other, despite the fact they are apostles. Apostles are not infallible.

There is no mention in this passage of prayer and fasting, or of the direction of the Holy Spirit. This section gives us a poignant reminder that no matter how well we may feel we are doing, we must always be in submission to God’s purposes. He knows the beginning from the end. His ways are perfect. His direction is infallible.

Acts 15:22-35

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Acts 15:22-35

Khumbalani Sibanda

Letter Writing

God’s truth transforms lives and lifts burdens. Should we follow the world’s patterns (e.g. political correctness) or God’s?

The apostles wrote to the gentile converts to clarify the place of the law in their lives. The law, fulfilled by Christ, shows us how to live, but no longer confers righteousness (it never would). Living now under grace, they should not look to live in bondage to every letter of the law; rather they were to live lives that were clean before God, out of love and obedience to him.

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