Acts 16:11-15

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Acts 16:11-15

Rob Pomeroy

Open doors

Through the experiences of Paul, the other apostles and the new convert Lydia, we learn:

  • God calls us
  • God commands obedience
  • God’s plans are perfect
  • God opens hearts
  • How we should respond

Acts 16:6-10

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Acts 16:6-10

Keith Cooper

Where to, Lord?

The Holy Spirit prevented the apostles from travelling in the direction they had intended. During this process of closing doors, God was teaching them an important lesson about actively seeking, discovering and hearing God’s direction. It is essential for followers of Christ to walk by faith.

When seeking his direction, consider:

  1. The word of God
  2. Others’ wise counsel
  3. Whether the direction will result in blessing
  4. Running towards need
  5. Not overlooking what you love, the passion God has placed in you
  6. Reviewing your holy desires
  7. Prayer

Acts 16:1-5

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Acts 16:1-5

Dave Brown

Cutting Issues

The Jerusalem Council ruled that the Gentiles did not need to follow all the ceremonial Jewish law. This enabled Gentiles and Jews to meet together without bondage or disunity. Nevertheless in this passage, Paul arranges for Timothy to be circumcised.

Timothy, under Jewish tradition, was a Jew (by his mother’s line). And under Greek tradition, he was a Gentle (by his father). Paul had Timothy circumcised not to convert Timothy but because he loved the Jews and he did not want there to be a hindrance to them receiving the gospel.